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Eddi on a nice day...
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My interests[edit]

I've used Wikipedia for a while and still do but, at the moment, I don't edit many articles. Due to over-administration I've found that the effort of contributing exceeds the reward of being a contributor. This may be individual and it may be temporary. Still, I would like to recommend Wikipedia as a source of ideas and information. Everything is not here. It will never be. But it's a starting point.

One aim of my Wikipedian efforts is to harmonise material on Norway in English, Norwegian (Bokmål) and Norwegian (Nynorsk). Of other interests I could mention information technology and natural sciences, in particular physics and chemistry, but don't mind if I meddle with historical, philosophical and social scientific issues, too.

Forum for others[edit]

Within reasonable limits, others may write at this page, e.g. regarding issues I should work on.

See also my user talk page.

Current issues[edit]

NOTE: This is the user page of both en:User:Eddideigel, simple:User:Eddideigel, and commons:User:Eddideigel.
When adding text, please indicate which one (or all) it concerns, if not obvious.
Thank you. --Eddi

Things to consider, articles to work on[edit]

See the list at no:Bruker:Eddideigel#Ting å tenke på, artikler å arbeide med

Eddi's world view[edit]

Eddi's world view according to

Test pages[edit]

See my /Sandbox