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Avocations: Student of American History, the Civil War, and Economic History, with articles on "General Braxton Bragg" and "Logistics" published in two compendiums edited by Steven Woodworth, Ph.D., who also incorporated much of the Bragg work into chapter 8 of his book, "Six Armies in Tennessee," 1997; A revised Bragg article was published in the magazine "North and South" (2001); Numerous presentations on various topics at various civil war roundtables and conferences over the last 20 years; Spent two years as a Reader at the Huntington Library doing research on i) the extent to which the combination of impressment and inflation lead to de facto wage & price controls in the CSA, and ii) how to measure the impact that would have had on the war effort; Took a hiatus from the Civil War from 2002 to 2009, obtaining a master's degree in theology from Fuller Seminary in Pasadena, CA; Made a presentation to the 28th Annual West Coast Civil War Conference in 2012 in Newport Beach, CA on "Financial Turning Points in the Civil War in 1862."

Education: MA, Theology (2008) Fuller Seminary; PhD/MS, Public Policy Analysis (1980/1978) Pardee RAND Graduate School (Ford Fndtn Grant); MSc, Biochemistry (1976) MIT (NIH Grant); BS, Chemistry (1974) UC San Diego (summa cum laude).

Vocation: 20 years in the investment management industry in various capacities at Bank of America (Beverly Hills), Huntington Advisers (Pasadena), Trust Services of America (LA), and Trust Company of the West (LA); Gave frequent seminars on portfolio risk analytics and asset allocation analysis for the Chartered Financial Analysts program (CFA), and the LA Society of Financial Analysts (in cooperation with USC); Director of the L.A. Quantitative Analysts Association (2000-1). Published three times in a leading anonymous peer-review periodical, the Journal of Portfolio Management, and various articles in Pensions & Investments and other trade publications. Some of this work has been incorporated into anthologies and textbooks.

Publications: "Flexible vs. Fixed Exchange Rates and International Monetary Stability," RAND Series (1977); "Foreign Policy Cooperation and Economic Interdependence: Implications for Linkage Diplomacy," Ford Foundation Series (1980); "A Short-Term Strategy for Achieving Long-Term Pre-specified Target Returns," Journal of Portfolio Management (1990); "A Simple Portfolio Revision Strategy: 50 Years of Evidence," Journal of Portfolio Management (1990); "Targeting Excess-of-Benchmark Returns," Journal of Portfolio Management (1991); "The Problem with Asset Allocation," Pensions and Investments (1996); "A Decision Support System for Revising Portfolios to Achieve Pre-Specified Target Returns after Inflation with Reliability and Efficiency," in Investment Management: Decision Support and Expert Systems, edited by Robert Trippi (1990); "Logistics," Bibliographic Essays on the American Civil War, edited by Steven Woodworth (1996); "The Rehabilitation of Braxton Bragg," Command and Leadership in the American Civil War, edited by Steven Woodworth (1995); "In Defense of Braxton Bragg: The Detachment of Longstreet Considered," North and South (2001); "Merodiploid Analysis of NIF Mutants in Klebsiella," MIT, Department of Biology, MS Thesis (1976); "Syn, Anti-Preference of Pyridine-Nucleotides in Solution," Federation Proceedings, LJ Arnold, CY Lee, E Vansant [aka Edward Franks Van Sant, aka Edward Carr Franks] (1974).