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''The Bugle'': Issue C, July 2014


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| [[File:The Bugle.png|250px|link=Wikipedia:WikiProject Military history/News|alt=Full front page of The Bugle]]
| width="100%" valign="top" | <div style="text-align: center; color: darkslategray;">'''Your Military History Newsletter'''</div>
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* Project news: ''[[Wikipedia:WikiProject Military history/News/July 2014/Project news|From the editors; awards and honours; contest results]]''
* Articles: ''[[Wikipedia:WikiProject Military history/News/July 2014/Articles|Last month's new Featured and A-Class content]]''
* Book reviews: ''[[Wikipedia:WikiProject Military history/News/July 2014/Book reviews|Jonas Vinther and Nick-D look at examples of electronic media]]''
* Op-ed: ''[[Wikipedia:WikiProject Military history/News/July 2014/Op-ed|TomStar81 on the shot heard around the world]]''
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''The Bugle'' is published by the [[Wikipedia:WikiProject Military history|Military history WikiProject]]. To receive it on your talk page, please [[Wikipedia:WikiProject Military history/Members|join the project]] or sign up [[User:The ed17/Sandbox3#Non-members who want delivery|here]].<br/>If you are a project member who does not want delivery, please remove your name from [[User:The ed17/Sandbox3|this page]]. Your editors, [[User:Ian Rose|Ian Rose]] ([[User talk:Ian Rose|talk]]) and [[User:Nick-D|Nick-D]] ([[User talk:Nick-D|talk]]) ~~~~~