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Hi Wikis, born 1942, after study electronic engineering I was busy for passive components in the industry since 1968. My special interest are capacitors. Retired some years ago I am now trying to bring my knowledge into Wiki articles. The reason and my motivation:

Capacitors are a good example of the fact that even the simplest device can become complicated given 250 years of evolution. (Citation J. Ho, T. R. Jow, St. Boggs, Historical Introduction to Capacitor Technology)

I first wrote my articles in German. With a lot of help for correct English from friendly and helpful Wiki colleagues I was involved in the followig English articles:

Overview over the most commonly used fixed capacitors in electronic equipment
Electrolytic capacitors diversification
Hierarchical classification of supercapacitors and related types

--Elcap (talk) 12:43, 8 October 2015 (UTC)

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