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About Me:[edit]

Or; obligatory semi-personal stuff.
I was born and raised in the American South. Graduating from high school at the end of the Carter years, and lacking much in the way of oppurtunites, I joined the Navy and served for ten years in the Submarine Service. When the wall came down, I got out as the Service was shrunk as part of the peace dividend.
Once a civilian I worked a year in a local electronics retailer, then managed and ultimately owned a small used and rare bookstore. Losing the store in the wake of 9/11, I am now a househusband.

My interests:[edit]

Many and varied, many and varied...

To Do:[edit]


  • (Key: M/m = Major/minor contribution N= new R= rewrite r=refactoring w=wikification)

Submarine Topics[edit]

Barracuda class submarine (Mr)- Benjamin Franklin class submarine (MR)- Greater Underwater Propulsion Power Program (m)- List of United States submarine classes (M)- Ohio class submarine (Mr)- Seawolf class submarine (m,r)- SSGN (N)- Trident missile (MR)- United States submarines lost (m)- USS George Washington (m)

Other topics[edit]

Bowler hat (m)- Genesis Rock (m)- International Rose Test Garden (m,w)- Krispy Kreme (MR)

Useful in-Wiki links:[edit]