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Here is what you can expect in my colaborations:

My native language is spanish, I'll do my best writing in english.

My research field is Computer Science, for that reason my contributions are in related articles.

I have a M.Sc. and I do not change anything if I am not sure. Just when I know the subject from reliable sources.

Some authors use different definitions, I prefer to be flexible, but make clear other opinions exists, when I am aware of course.

For example: some authors define natural numbers starting in 1, others in 0. I define them starting in 0 avoiding the absurd discussion of whether 0 is or not a natural number. Instead I may say: for some authors natural numbers start with 1, in this text that set is refered as positive integers.

That is obvious enough to be included here, but some articles in the spanish version of wikipedia, keep arguing such things. See for example the poor result of an article about functions in Función. There is an absurd discussion about whether or not aplicación, función, correspondencia and mapeo are the same. The main source of that chaos is that every student changes it according to their text books. For this reason I prefer to collaborate in the english version.

I am a computer scientist, but more interested in theory. I do not pretend to be a guru of every software that exists on the contrary I think is better to spend my time learning more theoretical issues and use them to solve open problems.

Please do not expect that I know every trick to put all those bells an whistles in the pages. I know it is needed to achieve better communication, but I will do that when I have enough images and became an expert editing wikipages. By now contents is the priority. Of course, any hint or help is welcome!