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Target Topic-[edit]

  • I'm looking at adding to the Youth Activism page and showing some patterns occurring globally.


  • I am really interested in international issues. I lived in Israel for 2 months and this is where my passion grew for international news. Especially in the youth, I find it interesting how different youth reacts to situations around the world.

Potential Titles-[edit]

"Global Activism Patterns" "Global South Activism"


I decided to add more detailed information on the Youth Activism article on Wikipedia. My topic I will be adding to this article will be general patterns occurring globally in youth activism. This topic will help show youths activist’s involvement all around the world and not just the United States.

One main source I will be using is Youth Studies by Andy Furlong. Using the information he talks about citizenship, political engagement, social justice, employment and opportunity gives a lot of background information and a good base introductory to youth activism. In Furlongs books he talks about the youth’s transition from education to employment and how difficult it is for youths to find employment right out of school. To go with this chapter of unemployment I will use the video that was featured in class called,Youth Speak Out, made by the IMF. This shows how youth around the world want to see a change in employment.

After I use Furlong to talk about youth activism as a base I will use some articles and books on activism around the world. I will also reference the April 6 Movement as an example of youth activism in Egypt. I found an article on, “5 incredibly Brave Global Youth Activists You Should Know”. This article really shows how all around the world youths are trying to make a difference. An example of a youth activist is, Tal al-Molouhi, she is a Syrian high-school student who started a blog on the political affairs in Syria. Her blog consisted of poems and articles. She was imprisoned in 2009 by Syrian authorities and has not been released. This is just one example of youth activism globally. I’m hoping to find some books and documentaries on groups of youth activism occurring globally.


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