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{{advert}} {{coi}} {{POV-check}} {{tone}} eMailaya is a free, portable email application.

Key Features[edit]

Multiple accounts[edit]

eMailaya can manage multiple accounts in a tree view based list. The emails can be viewed per account or as a combination of all accounts.


eMailaya mnanage its emails in different ways.

  • Remote: View the emails that are on the servers.
  • Application: Built in folders of the application itself.
  • Local: Physical folders on the HD that contains emails files (eml for example).
  • Dynamic: User defined filters applied on the remote folders emails.


eMailaya is a portable application and does not require an installation process. It can be copied onto a DiskOnKey and work from there.


  • pop3/IMAP: eMailaya supports both pop3 and IMAP.
  • webmails: Using an addon, eMailaya can support webmails.
  • SSL/TLS: Using an addon, eMailaya can support SSL/TLS.
  • RSS: eMailaya has a built in RSS reader.
  • East asian: Using an addon eMailaya can support east asian characters.


eMailaya supports both automatic and manual spam detection mechanisms. The user can use one or both methods according to his needs.


eMailaya supports over 45 different skins.


eMailaya is a freeware application.


eMailaya's first release was in may 01, 2005 after several months of work. Its purpose was simplicity and intuitiveness to the end user. Since that time, a new version is released every 1-3 months.


Different languages for eMailaya are available on site. Currently available: English, Hebrew, Italian, Polish, Czech, Chinese Traditional, Russian, Chinese Simplified, Italian and German.

See also[edit]

more information can be found here: eMailaya