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Welcome to my user page!

My interest in Wikipedia. (June 2006) I have a poor memory so I like to use Wikipedia to look up information on subjects that I am (or was) interested in but cannot recall exactly. If the information is missing from Wikipedia I will sometimes research the subject and add an entry so I can find it the next time around. You might say I use Wikipedia like a personal filing cabinet, one that has the advantage of being accessible from multiple locations and shareable with others. It serves as a kind of collective memex.

(April 2011) Wikipedia's coverage is now so large that I don't find much that needs to be added. I do continue to review and make small changes to some articles now and then.

Topics. One of the subjects I like is Applied mathematics especially those parts that are commonly used by engineers and economists/finance people like myself. I am not a mathematician, just a user of relatively elementary mathematics.

A test page I use to edit stuff is here User:Encyclops/Testpage and a second one here User:Encyclops/Testpage2