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DescriptionTimestamps in Special:Log are now links
UpdatedAugust 16, 2018; 14 months ago (2018-08-16)
Browser supportFirefox
Skin supportVector

A userscript that makes the timestamps in Special:Log into links. The link for each entry goes to the Special:Log page for only that entry, using the logid in the URL. Basically, you know how the timestamps are links on a history or user contributions page? This script makes the Special:Log timestamps act a similar way. Credit for the idea goes to L235.

Installation instructions[edit]

Hint: It's much easier if you get ScriptInstaller, then navigate to User:Enterprisey/links-in-logs.js and click "Install" at the top.

However, here's the manual method:

  1. Place {{subst:iusc|User:Enterprisey/links-in-logs.js}} on Special:MyPage/common.js or Special:MyPage/skin.js.
  2. Clear your cache and enjoy!


Navigate to Special:Log or one of its subpages, and enjoy linked timestamps.

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