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Hello all. I am Cavan, or EpicPrime, and I have a particular interest in television presentation as well as other non-branding related subjects such as palaeozoology and programming. I consider myself quite good at MediaWiki language and CSS, which is useful on a wiki.

I am interested in the subject of palaeozoology and cryptozoology, albeit I do not believe in the latter. I also 'suffer' from grammatical pedantry syndrome so please, when you are talking to me, I urge you to proofread your posts. However, that's not to say that I am exempt from lingual hiccups.

I am also a user on Wikia and I edit under the name Lythronax - there I administrate many wikis. I also occasionally try to lend a hand on wikis if there is an issue with CSS. However, if your problem regards JavaScript, you'll be better off asking someone more experienced and familiar with it.