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I joined when I stumbled across the entry for Dark Wonderland and decided I wanted to contribute. The proposed film had its own entry at one time, but it has since been deleted. I added my contribution by writing the entry for Dark Wonderland under American McGee's Alice. It was interesting to learn that, on top of the unfounded rumors about casting, that even the name Dark Wonderland was just something that manifested on the Internet and was not a real title.

American McGee has since deleted one of the most interesting articles that dealt with the film, from his personal website. For myself and other supporters, I think it's a shame he did. Although, I do think I understand his apparent frustration with a project that he has no control over and that has been passed around various studios... and that still sits unfilmed, so many years later.

My handle here comes from a character named Eradicator that appeared in the first season of The Kids in the Hall and was played by Bruce McCulloch.