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This user is no longer active on Wikipedia as of 2012-05-24.

I am retired from Wikimedia-hosted wikis as of the day before the adoption of the May 2012 Terms of Use. If you are looking for a manifesto, see (May and late April 2012) or the one-sided version of the discussion contained in the .txt files listed at

I have operated an encyclopedia of sorts of my own since January 2009. It has only a small number of articles and they are not all in a MediaWiki-compatible format, but they are all licensed in a way compatible with Wikipedia, so they could be imported into Wikipedia by other people (they are not GFDL-licensed, however, so that fact needs to be recorded if they are used in Wikipedia). I have already imported some of them (at which time, those particular ones did become GFDL-licensed). At the time of my retirement, the articles that would be easiest for others to import are:

(they are essentially complete Wikipedia-style articles in MediaWiki format; if you import any of these to Wikipedia, you may want to edit this page to put a check mark in front of the ones that have been imported, etc., which is fine with me). The "watershed" article is in near-MediaWiki format, but it is not a complete article and uses non-standard terminology. Newer articles can be clearly distinguished within my encyclopedia's directory listing by clicking the "Last modified" link. I will describe any major future changes in the encyclopedia's design on the encyclopedia's README page. Of course there are other things I will be working on too, and you can find out about them on my website.