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Vandals and POV pushers take note[edit]

You can twist perceptions, but reality won't budge. -RUSH

Dealing with Vandals[edit]

A vandal has no shame and no commitment to what is real. They seek only to control others through disruption, lies, and misinformation. They are destroyers of value rather than builders of it. What does this say about their psychology? When you see a vandal returning again and again you may wonder what their goals are. Destroyers have only one goal, to tear everything down so that they feel bigger.

When a vandal lies about you, and they will, they hope that others will take them at their word. The great thing about wikipedia is that vandals comments are stored for all to read. While they hope you will accept their pronouncement, the truth is always there for the wise editor to see. They will go to all sorts of lengths to cover their tracks, even talking to themselves through multiple sock-puppet accounts. Lies always come to light in the end.

The new model vandal won't make an account though, hoping to avoid check-users finding that they are really one person, or hoping to avoid blocks. Again they try to avoid reality and refuse to accept the rules of wikipedia. They will wail about censorship and try and use wikipedia policy's against you. Remain calm, for they will ultimately fail. One can only deny reality for so long before it catches up with you. Any damage they do will eventually be undone by someone.

Useful Links[edit]

Socks I have known[edit] <-Ed Nilges banned hurler of insults and troll