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Genre Adventure
Country of origin Australia
Original language(s) English
Producer(s) Southern Star Singapore
Australia’s Southern Star Entertainment
Germany’s Nord Deutscher Rundfunk
Running time approx. ½ hour
Original network Okto (Singapore)
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A gURLs wURLd is about three girls Ally, Jackie & Emma. These three girls are being separated as Ally & Emma have to return to their home countries Australia & Germany respectively. Josh, Jackie's brother, decided to give the three girls a thumb-drive each, which enables them to chat with each other. When they noticed that the thumb-drives were 'glued' to the computer, there was a short-circuit which sent them into cyberspace. While trying to connect to their personal chatroom, Emma, Jackie and Ally find themselves stranded in cyberspace. Then, when they realise that keying in their access codes backwards gets them home, their panic turns to exhilaration. They have found a way to meet each other in cyberspace! The girls can’t wait to try it again. But as Emma and Ally try to get Jackie to return to cyberspace, they tried typing their access code backwards, and they end up in Jackie’s room in Singapore! The girls suddenly realise the full import of their discovery, the chatroom is a gateway to each other’s countries!

Character's Name Actor's Name
Ally Hensen Marny Kennedy
Emma Schubert Sophie Karbjinski
Jackie Lee Charlotte Nicdao