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"Amateur dinosaur hunter and extreme weather enthusiast, whose interests include spoken mime, armchair parkour, tactical gaslighting (for fun or for pay), conspicuous ninjutsu and Schröedinger's pentameter—of which this sentence may or may not be an example.​"

The Meaning of "Eunomiac"[edit]



     Eunomia     |  +  |           -ac          

"This is what my heart bids me teach the Athenians, that Dysnomia (Lawlessness) brings the city countless ills, but Eunomia (Lawfulness) reveals all that is orderly and fitting, and often places fetters round the unjust. She makes the rough smooth, puts a stop to excess, weakens insolence, dries up the blooming of ruin, straightens out crooked judgements, tames deeds of pride, and puts an end to acts of sedition and to the anger of grievous strife. Under her all things among men are fitting and rational."
           — Solon, Fragment 4 (trans. Gerber, Vol. Greek Elegiac) (Greek elegy C7th to 6th B.C.)[1] (emphases added)

  1. related to
  2. of the nature of
  3. pertaining to
  4. referring to[2]


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