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Comments about the many subtle changes and additions I made regarding "stagflation" are fully welcome. Schooled by Dr. Wilson Schmidt in the Sixties, trained by years at the Price Commission and Cost of Living Council, followed by years at the White Office of the President's Special Representative for Trade Negotiations, followed by time at the U.S. Mission to the United Nations and at the George Shultz's State Department's Bureau of Economics and Business, economic policymaking and its implicit impact and consequent results have been my life study. Changes made before I created a user name are shown as changes by user: My email address is if anyone cares to comment. Thank you.

Cranial Osteopathy[edit]

My training under the noble guidance of Dr. Doran Farnum, O.D., of San Juan Capistrano back when I lived in Laguna Beach in the Seventies and Eighties turned me on to cranial osteopathy, which fit well with earlier energy medicine tutoring by Dr. Jeffery McMeans (then of Life Energy, Inc.,) polarity therapy and reflexology. I had "traded" with Jeffrey; I would establish "Life Energy, Inc." as a non-profit with approved status by the Internal Revenue Service in exchange for a complete cycle of tutoring in both polarity therapy and reflexology. News from the "lift table" in our home reports the inclusion of assemblage point knowledge in the design of a treatment. Simply stated, it implies that the single most important initial connection for a treatment can be found just below the shoulder blades, with the left side connected first. What I found was that my "metaknowing" of where to go and what to do "next" went on something like an intense automatic pilot and the results were extraordinary.ExecTaxes (talk) 19:23, 3 January 2008 (UTC)