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The nickname, ExitControl stands for buttons on my NEC MultiSync display, exit and control. Sometimes you want to invent something meaningful, but nothing comes to mind. Simplicity is practical :-)

I am updating the Aum Shinrikyo article most frequently, as I have a goal: to make the article way more neutral, accurate and (most importantly) informative than academic researches about this group I have seen so far. This is my own way to demonstrate the superiority of open source.

I am also interested in articles related to Buddhism, though I tend to edit them with caution. Besides, anti-cult movement is an interesting topic and I will update the article when I could (currently it is somewhat biased against anti-cultists).

Most urgent thing I need help with: if anybody can provide any information on translations of Pali Canon to Japanese (in English), please post it either here or at Aum Shinrikyo discussions page. The fact is that Aum Shinrikyo did translate the Pali Canon directly from Pali to Japanese, but others say it was translated even before (but I still belive not from Pali, but from Sanskrit), somewhere in mid-50s. Add to that is that Pali Canon never has been translated into English in full and that's English, the most international of languages. I am puzzled. So I need to know: whether Japanese translated the Canon in full, whether from Pali language. Contributions are very welcome.

I established that Aum did translate some lectures from Pali, some Sanskrit texts and some Tibetan although the scope of these efforts and how do they compare to those committed by other scholars previously I don't know. Ideas anyone? Also: which sutras exactly?