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Where patience ends endurance begins.

Ёжики — это не только ценный мех, но и 3-4 килограмма of unhealthy attitude.
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About me

  • I have been a Wikipedian since March 1, 2004...
  • ...and the English Wikipedia administrator since August 26, 2004.
  • I am a male Russian American.
  • I am also a self-appointed keeper of consistency :)
  • In case you were wondering, "Ëzhiki" means "hedgehogs" in Russian.
  • Feel free to criticize me here (anything goes!).

To-dos & have-dones

Perpetually in progress

Kinda completed


Random thought/quote of the day week month an undetermined period

The cause of everything that's wrong with the world is either intolerance or stupidity. Or both.

Most recently found bizarre stuff

Odd things, outlandish concepts, and all things weird which I never knew about... until I stumbled upon a Wikipedia article.

  • Jan 24, 2013 find: chess boxing, apparently a real sport
  • Feb 13, 2013 find: Amish Mafia, not a real thing, but even so...


Unified login: Ezhiki is the unique login of this user for all public Wikimedia projects.

Life & travels

Spent years in: Soviet Union Russia United States
Spent days to weeks in: Ukraine Coat of Arms of Moscow.png Netherlands Jamaica United Kingdom France Canada Germany Cyprus Mexico Dominican Republic Austria
Spent hours in (airport transfers mostly): Cuba Poland Belgium
Have vague plans of going to: Croatia France Germany Switzerland Republic of Ireland
Want to (and will) go to,
but have no certain plans just yet:
Aruba Australia Belarus Cuba Denmark Greece Iceland Italy Japan New Zealand North Korea Scotland Transnistria Moonforwiki.png
Idea and layout stolen from Sebastiankessel via White Cat via Guettarda