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My Life I found a life, and I'm pretty happy about that. My last Wikinight was Wednsday, 1-14 2007.
I am currently reading... By the Light of the Moon, by Dean Koontz Biology Textbook
I am currently watching... 24 Heroes
I am currently playing... Maple Story World of Warcraft
Random fact You have a better chance of dying in a car accident than winning the lottery. Why is the lottery so hard to win? I don't know. Click here.
The FF7 Test There's a link for my test in "My Pages" of the page. Current version is 1.2, 1.3 will come soon.
Current Issues My grades have been slipping and I am on death row, so I shan't be editing near as much. My biology teacher has a satanic sense of sarcasm: He doesn't give a 0 on missing assignments, he gives a 2. Yes, a 2.


Maple Story and World of Warcraft, that's where it's going down! (Of course, besides Wikipedia). I may not use Wikipedia every day, and are thus removing my Quote of the Day. However, I will add random quotes every now and then, so the quotes shall continue! In other news, I am making an MMORPG Userbox page! Please check it out and use all that apply (If there's a game you want boxes for, leave a message on my talk page and it shall be done).


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World Renowned FF7 Test

FF7 Test

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My Userboxes

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Past Quote Database

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Likes and Dislikes[edit]

  • ¡Me gusta hablar en español! (I like to speak in Spanish)
  • I like FF7.
  • I'm a HCG (Hardcore Gamer).
  • I've considered going for MLG.
  • I also play tennis.
  • FF7Freakzorz and Why1991 are proud to be Wikipedians!
  • I'm currently deep in work on a project known as FF7-2 (It's non-profit, Square Enix has all rights and I give all due credit to them).
  • I like ninjas and am one!!!
  • I like Ruby Weapon because he's just... FRIGGEN SWEET!

Friends & Enemies[edit]

Final Fantasy VII-2[edit]

Warning: Plot Spoiler follows (Though you may never play the game). Incase you're wondering, FF7-2 takes place 2 years after the events of FF7 (It's an alternate storyline to Advent Children and Derge of Cerebrus). Adrian Fayn, who admires Cloud and trains to be like him, lives in the rebuilt Nibelheim. However, a man known as the Chaos Knight enters the village, staying at the inn. While the villagers are untrusting of him, nobody is able to stop him. Surely enough, Shinra soldiers sent to capture him attack the village, and Adrian is imprisoned under the accusation of helping the Chaos Knight. In Neo-Midgar, Shinra's dreamed of city now built on top of Midgar, Adrian escapes the prison with the help of Ean Tarai, an ex-Shinra member and an adept in the use of guns. Allied by fate, Adrian and Ean are saved by Cid Highwind, who has come to Neo-Midgar for unknown reasons. Escaping on the Highwind, they travel to Mideel, which has been built farther east on the island from the lifestream. Adrian decides to drink from the lifestream, which will supposedly give great power to him. After an encounter at the lifestream, they head back to Mideel. During the night, the Chaos Knight attacks the village! In fierce combat, Cid Highwind falls, the Chaos Knight reveals a terrible plan, and Adrian, Ean, and Cid's daughter, Rania, escape on the Highwind. Armed with knowledge of the Chaos Knight's ultimate goal, the trio attempts to get to the Northern Crater, but is shot down over the Midgar Swamp. After a fierce battle, in which they encounter Sir Darrek, the new leader of SOLDIER, the trio heads towards the Mythril Cave. Upon reaching it, they meet Barret Wallace, known to FF7. However, after what happened to Biggs, Wedge, and Jessie, he's gone mad, and believes he must stop the heroes for their own good. After deep combat, Barret Wallace, the Second Great Hero, dies. I haven't gotten farther than that. If you have any ideas, post them on this page in the Suggestions category and I'll consider them. Thanks!


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This is a thanks for the information, userboxes, and pictures displayed on this page. All copyrighted pictures recieve all due credit and are used for display purposes only. Thanks!

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All due respect to the Wikipediholics out there whose pages inspired me to do... all this stuff. All copyrighted material used recieves full credit and is not used for any means of profit. Thanks for reading on FF7Freakzorz! Remember, FF7 PWNZ YOU! Happy New Year!FF7Freakzorz