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That Old Black Magic[edit]

282.06"That Old Black Magic"sisters Valerie Mayhew and Vivian MayhewJames L. ConwayNovember 11, 1999

Also starring: Jay Michael Ferguson as Kyle Gwideon; Brigid Brannagh as Tuatha; Lochlyn Munro as online auctioneer (and Prue love interest), the twin Jack Sheridan; Brian Krause as Leo
  Leo shows up at the manor in an indelicate moment (between Dan and Piper) and demands the sister's help so to intervene for good to defeat an unvanquishable and very powerful witch turned evil, Tuatha. Tuatha has been imprisoned for over two hundred years yet is powerful enough to still be living and has just escaped her prison cave while Leo argues she is someone the Elders counsel the sisters power can't defeat themselves, even using the power of three as the Charmed Ones.
   Uncharacteristically insistent, the whitelighter insists the sisters must drop everything and help him find and train the Chosen One, who turns out to be a modest awkward unsure high-school student Kyle Gwideon to vanquish the very powerful evil witch and her vast knowledge and powers. Tuatha can use her magic scepter to destroy the Charmed Ones for good, the only one that can defeat her must use the wand, over which only the Chosen One has more control and influence with than she—giving him the name. The last Chosen One had imprisoned her in the cave outside San Francisco, but couldn't summon the will to kill (vanquish) her.
   The Chosen One is the Seventh son of a seventh son, and the only person because of that mystical relationship also so atuned to Tuatha's wand so that it can be used against her. If Tuatha is ever freed from her prison in the cave, Leo says legend states that her wand will find him, as it indeed finds him in the Halliwell manor when he is actively resisting the sisters protection and about to storm out. Unfortunately, the corollary is that Tuatha knowing that fact is expected by the elders to soon hunt down the chosen one, as she is known to hunt down witches and can find the wand using her familiar, a large poisonous snake.

  Tuatha sends her snake familiar to find the wand, which is in the possession of a engaging elderly matron that got an earlier professional appraisal of value from Prue at Buckland's, only to be upstaged on camera by Jack Sheridan, owner of a start-up online auction company. Prue is close enough to hear the deed as Tuatha ruthlessly murders the elderly owner even as she comes down the hall of the ladies apartment building. Bursting in, Prue fights Tuatha and ends up with the wand, but in using her powers forewarns the evil witch a good witch needs dealt with as well, and further, exactly which kind of active power needs neutralized. Soon afterward in the manor, Kyle is introduced to the knowledge of magic, and to his destiny as the chosen one by Piper, Phoebe, Prue and Leo; the former pair having enticed him to come to the manor with them to learn more about magic while he was on his way home after school. Fellow teen Jenny Gordon complicates matters with a backdoor visit meeting up with him in the kitchen while the adults conference, but his showing off to impress her removes all doubt that the wand is not atuned to him. Later, while being coached in using it, he blasts Leo out through a window.
   Kyle is relatively shy and insecure and so must be angry to focus sufficiently to effectively tap the wands power. Tuatha successively binds and neutralizes each sisters powers as they affect her, beginning with Prue's by ruthlessly stealing three innocents still bleeding hearts to do so in her blood magic based rituals. She then sends her snake familiar into the manor to seek out the wand. In a narrow escape, Leo spots it and the Charmed Ones powers manage to deal with it, only to be next invaded by Tuatha herself, who kicks butt again against them —as she'd done earlier when they invaded her lair and she had only prepared for Prue.
   Tuatha demonstrates the (soon to be stock) way potions thereafter manifest in the series, thrown to break at the front of the feet to flash to enveloping vapors— with separate potion attacks on Leo and Phoebe (Sleep potion) and Piper and Prue (Leg binding potion), leaving her free to contest with the teen for possession and control of her wand. Prue breaks a clear potion at Kyles feet stating it is a courage potion, and his resolve to battle increases noticeably, despite a very different visible behavior of the three's potion—giving off no vapors. He struggles using his will power and eventually wrests the wand from the witch, which floats back an forth through the air between them as they duel. Gaining full control, he causes her to cease existence by using the wand and wishing that she will never trouble anyone again. The surprised youth then turns and graciously thanks Prue for the courage boost. She advises him it was a ruse, and it was his own courage and determination that won the battle of wills. |}

Ms. Hellfire[edit]

312.09"Ms. Hellfire"Sheryl J. Anderson, Constance M. BurgeCraig ZiskJanuary 13, 2000

Also starring: Billy Drago as Barbas, the Demon of Fear; Courtney Gains (DJ, boss Bane's henchman leader, henchman#1); (Ms. Hellfire's boyfriend); (henchman#2); (henchman#3); Hynden Walch as wacky witch Marcie Steadwell, the thirteenth victim on the hit woman's hit list; Lochlyn Munro (Jack Sheridan); Antonio Sabato Jr. as demon intermediary, gangster and club owner, Bane Jessup; as neighbor Dan Gordon;

Lochlyn Munro as Jack Sheridan

  On the morning of Friday the thirteenth, a mortal woman, Ms. Hellfire, invades the manor with a submachine gun and makes an assassination attempt on the three sisters' lives forcing Prue to repel the four slow motion depicted deflected bullets back to the leather clad hit woman, killing her in the manor. Consequently, the sisters are forced to finally reveal their secret lives and witch powers to their friend Darryl and begin investigating her background with him, as he figures he can only keep things under wraps for 24 hours. Prue breaks out with a second episode of astral projection (occurred first in a prior episode) during a stressful work conference with a new boss— wanting to be two places at once so as to join Piper in the hall— and later and more dangerously does it accidentally again when meeting with gangster Bane Jessup. Jessup is acting as an intermediary hiring the hits for the evil demon Barbas, whom the Charmed Ones banished to Limbo in a prior encounter. Both times she inadvertently projects she immediately realizes what is happening and returns to her body in its trance in a brief momentary experience where she might have become exposed.
  Meanwhile, a bomb goes off in Darryls face while partnered with Phoebe to contact the last woman on the hit list, leading Prue to leave Jack covering for her at work and go with Piper to check out the hit girls apartment where they find numerous wigs, a great wardrobe and paraphernalia to aid disguises. From flowers Impulsively trying on a long black leather trenchcoat, the two find they've been approached by gangsters and so on the spur of the moment Prue decides to go undercover as the mysterious hitwoman, they know is called as Ms. Hellfire to meet with gangster boss Bane Jessup.
  While undercover, Piper and Phoebe race against time to protect the next intended victim. They soon find out that Barbas, the demon of fear, has taken control of Prue and is making her try to kill both sisters Phoebe and Piper before the hour of Midnight. The girls puzzle out that it's Barbas, as Piper asks rhetorically "Thirteen dead Witches on Friday the Thirteenth, that ring any bells?" with no little sarcasm, having dealt with Barbas before and sending him to Limbo— where he can leave on the twenty-four hours of his incarceration anniversary. Meanwhile, Dan asks Piper to move into his digs more permanently than the frequent overnighters she's been enjoying.
  Confronting Prue while enlisting Darryl as protection for ditsy witch wannabe Marcie Steadwell, Piper and Phoebe confront the enchanted-Prue and force her to Astrally project so they can reveal a litany of sisterly venialisms and convince her they are not imposters. Restored to herself, Prue insists then on finding Barbas and dealing with him instead of waiting for midnight.

  Of special significance: Prue also gets a new magic power, the ability to leave her body behind and act elsewhere (astral projection), and Piper learns she can unfreeze only part of what she's froze. |}

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