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Society as collective medium to individual ends.

Social Sciences in one shot.

Labor + Society = Progress

Hi, my name's Faustino Núñez Hernández . Thanks for letting me be in Wikipedia!

My e-mail address is .

My interests (and my beliefs) are, generically classified: reality, nature, life, evolution, progress, welfare, labor, knowledge, society, freedom of good, and good music.

I store in this space some personal annotations and points of view:

> Considerations on the general sense of the phenomenon of life. (Link...-->).

> Suggested definition of Evolution. (Link...-->).

> A theory on five critical events sequence that suggest a renewal in our understanding of our primate evolutive origins. (Link...-->).

> On a definition of Information. (Link...-->).

> Provisional annotations on Logic. (Link...-->).

> A convenient distinction of two kinds of meaning. (Link...-->).

> Report on current digital data securing. (Link...-->).

(Some personal, informal, spontaneous thoughts and reflections I let myself store here):


(Some other short reflections I've known from other people than me and I've considered interesting; although not always do I remember those authors' names):

> The most ethical, benefic, social, and valuable acts, are two: labor, and the enjoyment of labor fruit. Labor is a divine power. Labor makes welfare, progress, liberty, and society. The day that humanity learns this and learns to value and use the divine power of labor, it will reach its full status, in a marvellous infinite universe.


> Welfare, happiness and progress, become immoral, detestable and improper, if you don't work and strive to give, in return, something, objectively suitable, to deserve them.


> Not always a being is in the circumstances it chooses or deserves. Sometimes, this world designates circumstances, to beings that haven't chosen or haven't deserved them. There are good beings, that are in bad circumstances. Don't judge badly these good beings, as you wouldn't wish their bad circumstances for yourself.



> Canelo's story.


> The shorter your step, the faster your walk.    - (By a piano teacher I had.) [1][2]

> Modern developed societies have already resources enough for letting the animals reach their natural age of life termination, and then sanitizing their meat for consumption, instead of killing the animals for meat consumption. Probably in a near future genetic engineering will allow us to synthetise edible meat or meat components without need of killing animals.