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Hey guys, I am a fan of heavy metal music, primarily thrash and death metal. I listen to some other metal styles as well, when I need a break from thrash/death, such as sludge and power metal. Black metal vocals are tight too. I also think that the acoustic guitar has a wonderful sound.

I wanted a death metal user name, as well as one that would shock people. I'm not a serious editor, but I do spend some time here. I am a good friend of the user Dark Executioner; we share musical tastes, and I talk to him a whole lot in non-Internet life.
Music I Can't Stand: emo, metalcore/deathcore, rap, avant-garde, country, pop, and glam metal. If you like any of these, do me a favor and don't mention them around me. If you do, I will expose you to spontaniously combusting nuclear waste. ;)
The Anatomy Lesson of Dr. Nicolaes Tulp, by Rembrandt, depicts an autopsy