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A year on Wiki[edit]


1 Year Contributing!
My First Featured Picture candidate
My First Featured Picture

It has now been 1 year since I started uploading to Wikipedia! I think during that time I’ve achieved a name for myself as a photographer, as I’ve uploaded around 800 photos or 400mb of files. I’m a GFDL uploader and I think that the concept of Wikipedia – free knowledge – is awesome to say the least. My very first photo was one of a dandelion. This was also the first photo I put onto the Featured Picture Candidates page. It was strongly rejected, and quite rightly so. Messy, and full of suffering chromatic aberration, it was the best photo in the world to me at the time. Fortunately I didn’t take the rejection to heart, but rather took it as a challenge, and soon after got my first Featured Picture.

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Originally most of my photos were taken with my little Kodak Easyshare LS633, but now I’m using a much more professional camera, the Canon 20D. The Kodak served me well over the years, and some of the photo’s I took with it I still consider to be among the best I have taken. It had no manual focus, fumbling macro auto focus, poor handling of noise, three optical zoom and three megapixels. Nevertheless it was definitely a usable tool. However, after I took it up to the snow and it got a bit wet (I think this was the reason) the camera developed some pretty bad idiosyncrasies. For instance, taking a photo in daylight conditions using any zoom would result in a horribly blue tinged photo. Take the same photo at night using a fill flash and it would work fine. Clearly it was time for a change, and that change came in the form of the 20D. This of course enhanced the quality of my photos IMO, but also created a little problem for me, as I wanted to make money out of my photos but I still wanted to give my photos free to wiki. I figured that I could safely upload them for a while yet, as I haven’t told many people in my area about Wikipedia (sorry for not spreading the word!)

Over the year I have obviously gained quite a bit of wiki knowledge, but I still consider myself somewhat a new comer, as I’m not too familiar with a lot of aspects of Wikipedia not directly involved with uploading a photo and putting it in an article and am still caught out because of this. One of the best things I’ve learnt is the existence of the Reference desk, as prior to that, I just didn’t bother uploading some photos as I couldn’t identify them.

Anyway it’s been a great year, and I look forward to a new year, with more Featured Pictures – my constant motivation!