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Hello, I am one whom goes by the name "Fishdert". My contributions are like that of a copy editor, I edit articles for accuracy, spelling corrections, and grammar. Currently, I browse Wikipedia on Firefox, which works a lot better than Internet Explorer. Plus, I am able to use all of the user scripts that the community has helpfully created, :). As an update, I see people possessed by the urge to edit articles so they can increase their post count and hopefully gain more recognition on this site. I do not agree with that, I am just a Wiki-gnome... By the way, that Status Bot was of my friend, but he appears to never go on Wikipedia anymore, so I just replaced his bot with mine.

Grammar Pet Peeves[edit]

I usually fix:

  • Spelling mistakes
  • Replacing "many" with "much" and vice-versa
  • Ditto, with "and/or"
  • Writing a number as a word when said number is low... I hate when people do that!
  • Various grammatical failures of any other miscellaneous kind...

Major Accomplishments[edit]

Hey, a "Wiki-gnome" has to have done something in his time at Wikipedia. So, here they are, one for now...

  • Fixed PVP section on RuneScape to better reflect the changes instituted by Jagex. Amazing, that was the best thing I have written while editing here.


I am committed to making this website more like a real encyclopedia in its content, accuracy, and helpfulness to readers who know nothing about what they want to know.


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