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My Wikipedia Philosophy

"Greetings, player. You are in this world of truth, the sphere of guidance, the planet of Wikipedia."

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Greetings, citizen of Wikipedia. Please read the below statement, and understand my intentions.

Message of Trust[edit]

I, Flashyblocker, am not an impersonator of administrator, Freakofnurture. Rather, I patrol Wikipedia to spot any impersonators, and to place block requests on those people. This way, no one will be confused, and people can respect Freakofnurture for who he is, an administrator. I am sure he would respect this act, and as of now, I am partially responsible for spotting imposters. Please understand, and take me kindly, sort of like a patrol officer. Thank you.


  • This user drinks Cocacola, Pepsi, and Mountain Dew all at one time. This is typically unusual, as people normally favor one of these three, rather than consume all three beverages at one time.
  • This user drinks alcohol when not consuming one of the three beverages listed above. This would mean this user consumes large amounts of fluid each day.
  • This user has a philosophy of his own: The "Wikipedia" philosophy, which is only a belief of his own. No one else shares this view, and Wikipedia should not be blamed for this philosophy, as it is this user only who pays attention to it.

The Wikipedia is the philosophy of space, time, future, and reality in a different manner. A person, existing in this world, looking through his/her eyes, is referred to as the player. This is because, as suggested, the person exists as a puppet of fate. All players, who exist on one server (the terrain on the entire planet), live out different lives, controlled by fate itself. Fate brings people together, while the actions of the player will alter, and create interactions. All players, while believing they are pure, may not be.

In this philosophy, there are two categories of people. There are the Wikis, and the Blockis. The Wikis act as passive, or, sometimes, active people, who control the amount of damage done to the server. The Blockis, who cause the trouble, are normally blocked by fate, and are sentenced to only viewing the server from a spectator's view. Also, in the centre of the server, there is a station known as Pagik-Manus. This is where the most recent information is sent, and where the players can observe daily news. Of course, the server is located on the Planet of Wikipedia, a large sphere-shaped planet. Within the sphere is the server, and every other integral part of life. It is what binds everything together, and what controls everything.

The highest power in this planet is the council, which is a group of administrators. Administrators are players who have been granted the power of mighty control, and have been connected to the council via the ability of the Grand Master. Players believe he is the one who created the planet of Wikipedia, and this has been proven true.

Players in the server have one thing on their mind, and that is to build the perfect utopia with the creation of articles, and pages. This, with the help of everyone else, can be achieved. This can never end, as long as life exists on the server.

  • This user is not flashy, and is unable to block people. This completely contradicts his screen-name.

... Nothing else to say for now. Good day to you.