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My #100wikidays challenge is to create at least one article a day that decreases systemic bias on Wikipedia English by writing articles about topics related to women.

  1. Lucy Montz, first woman in Kentucky to practice as a dentist.
  2. Cora Wilson Stewart, first woman to be elected to the position of the president of the Kentucky Education Association. Stewart opened Moonlight Schools in Kentucky and across the United States to fight adult literacy.
  3. Allie Hixson, credited with being first woman to earn PhD in English at University of Louisville. In later life, she worked to pass the Equal Rights Amendment to the United States Constitution.
  4. Mary Willie Arvin, a nurse, was the most decorated Kentucky woman veteran from World War 1.
  5. Grace Marilynn James, African American woman pediatrician who helped desegregate Louisville, Kentucky area hospitals and medical societies.
  6. Georgia Rooks Dwelle, the first African American woman physician in Atlanta, the third in the state of Georgia, operated Dwelle Infirmary.
  7. Mary Dixon Jones, first physician in America to do a total hysterectomy to remove a fibroid tumor. She specialized in gynecological surgery, and studied the tissue pathology of gynecological conditions.

Restarting my #100wikidays challenge[edit]

  1. Lisel Alamilla, conservationist and politician from Belize.
  2. Ann Rice O'Hanlon, muralist.