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To quote User:J.A.McCoy

Goodbye Prickipedia[edit]

This is about as good a description of why I've quit Wikipedia as any:

"Make no mistake, we wouldn't be bitching this much about Wikipedia and Wikipedian failings if we didn't, at the core, love the whole concept. In fact, not only do we think it's cool, we spend tons of time on there. Like, hundreds of hours between all of us. We really do think the basic idea is great; it's the implementation we have issues with. Too many rules are left to be decided by consensus. Too much interpretation (like a song or a poem, not a law) takes place when people whip out their policy schlongs at each other. And, sadly, censorship is now blowing across the Wikipedia landscape, taking good work and sending good people into the night.

In fact, that's the problem! There are so many people who have been burnt out on Wikipedia because of the bullshit, the little God-Kings, the complete lack of direction from the top. The project has literally lost hundreds of good, solid, intelligent people, leaving a core of folks either completely masochistic in nature, or in possesion of little tiny reptile brains. And after all that good work and design on the code and the initial basic ideas!

It's like someone created a great sports car and then made it so that it had 408 steering wheels and a random button that says "skid uncontrollably". We're here to shake that thing up, give people a new perspective."