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My name is Frank Richards, and I guess I should confess that I'm from the U.S.

My username "For7thGen" (For the 7th Generation) reflects my religion = the future of humankind, all the way from now to any number of generations from now.

I'm somewhat capable in physics (PhD,UofChgo) and in math, but my interests run more toward working on humankind's problems. I've also worked as a SW engineer, programming. And I lived and studied in Germany for two years. But I currently study Spanish with a view toward helping in Latin America....

I am capable as an editor, but must fight for time to do what I'm really more interested in, above. No doubt I'll find typos that I'll correct, at least.

I'm glad that Wikipedia exists, both as a source of info to me and as a place to publish my encylopedia-appropriate writings, if I get any done.

23:17, 27 September 2005 (UTC)

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