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USER NEWS: Active only now and then, but talk page frequently checked (as of March 2013). [edit]


Welcome to my userpage. Forenti is the alias I use throughout the internet - if you ever see another Forenti on the internet, as far as I know it's me. In real life, I live in Sydney, Australia. I am interested in aviation, computers and design.

I started contributing and editing on Wikipedia early December 2009, mainly to start writing an article about my alias. However, after sticking around on Wikipedia for a few days, I got into a habit of adding speedy deletion tags, and later adding coordinates for locations throughout Australia.

I am quite heavily involved in vandalism reversion. I have gained the rollback feature so that I can revert vandalism even faster with Huggle.

In my spare Wikitime, I enjoy fiddling around with basic wiki markup and often combine it with my design interests to make userboxes and various subpages (not particularly helpful, but just what I enjoy).

For more information about my Wikipedia-related tasks, to-dos and current projects visit my desk.

Thanks for visiting - enjoy your time here,


There are a variety of ways through which you can reach me. You can...

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  • Leave a message on my talk page (click here).
  • Send me an email message (click here).
  • Meet me on IRC, however I am not usually on (Username: Forenti).


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