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Fortis is the pseudonym for New Jersey based comic art student Zachary Corcoran.

Primarily I draw comics, and attend the Minneapolis College of Art and Design's comic art program. I will be a junior this year (2005). I also design games using the [O.H.R.RPG.C.E] My area of expertise is somewhat varied; I'm only truly knowledgable about what I really love. I know a great deal about Nintendo games as well as Shonen Jump manga and anime, and esoteric bits of information about many other games, cartoons, and comics.

Generally I like to pass time here on Wikipedia, hopping from link to link within my areas of interest (or curiousity), and, if I can, I'll add some of my own knowledge to the fray. Sometimes I'm wrong and what I add will be removed. That happened before I registered though, so I can pretend it didn't..


Articles in progress:



  • Lord Sturm - cleaned up style, additional info, and pictures added