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Curriculum Associates:

This privately held publisher of supplemental instructional materials for K-12 schools was formed in August, 1969, in Wellesley, Massahusetts by Christopher Sims, George N. Moore, G. Willard Woodruff, Andrews Macalaster, and Frank E. Ferguson. Based in a 76,000 sq. ft building in Billerica, Massachusetts, USA, since 1980 with some 100 employees in 2009, the majority of the users of its print and on-line materials are in the USA, with an increasing number of schools using its materials in Canada, Australia, Korea, Chile, and elsewhere.

The company's instructional heritage is from the graduate school of education at Boston University, Dr. Donald D. Durrell and his colleagues, in the 1950s and '60s, were intensively engaged in research on the most effective materials and processes of differentiating instruction to meet individual student learning needs. Two of the founders, Moore and Woodruff, were students of Durrell, and Dr. Durrell provided inspiration, guidance, and, as an author, provided some of the company's first products.


1969 - Founder and President: Christoher Sims

1970 - President: Andrews Macalaster

1972 - President: George N. Moore

1974 - President: Frank E. Ferguson

2008 - Chairman: Frank E. Ferguson; President: Robert Waldron

History and Products[edit]

The company's first products drew heavily on instructional materials developed by graduate students for their theses at the Boston University Graduate School of Education, including George N. Moore's WORD GROWTH spelling and vocuabulary program, Dr. Arnold H. Checchi's MASTERY IN LANGUAGE MECHANICS, later re-named CAPITALIZATION AND PUNCTUATION, Dr. Donald D. Durrell's THIRTY LESSONS IN OUTLINING-ADVANCED, and others.

Soon Moore and Woodruff developed a basic spelling program that evolved into a basal program WORKING WORDS IN SPELLING that became a major product line. In 1973 Albert H. Brigance submitted his INVENTORY OF BASIC SKILLS which soon became the foundation of a second major product line, the BRIGANCE(R) SYSTEM of inventories and screens. Today the company offers over 700 instructional products on paper and electronically on line.

Company Culture[edit]

Since the late 1980s, the company culture has been focused on superior customer service and concepts of lead management derived from the teachings of Dr. William Glasser, Robert Sullo, and Choice Theory. The company uses an internal slogan, "Super Good and Getting Better" to convey its expectations.

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HI FRANK: My name is Angel Millet, from Arecibo,Puerto Rico, and I would like to send a copy of a translation I just made of your article on Dr. William Glasser's biography. I know ther must be a lot of spanish speaking readers out there trying to understand the english version and not being able to. So where do I send it to? And by the way, where can I find a copy of his "growing up" biography? I haven't been able to find it in the books I've read. I'm not a computer expert so I go thru a lot of trouble trying to send emails. Sorry! My email address is "".

I do not know where you will find the Glasser "Growing Up" biography. There is some information about him on the Glasser Institute web site. And you can address your inquiry to him directly at the Glasser Institute:

Dr. William Glasser, MD William Glasser Institute 22024 Lassen St # 118 Chatsworth, CA 91311-8326

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RE - BOSE/NASA Do you know which headsets are used on the shuttle? I can't find infomation on the exact model. ASH1977LAW 07:19, 3 May 2007 (UTC)

I don't know which model. I suspect it is one of the professional aviation headsets sold only in the aviation market. A call to 1-800-Ask-Bose might get you the answer.

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