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Aparently I am accused of being a sock puppet for Leyasu. Most likely because I posted a question about categorizing To/Die/For as gothic doom metal. This is complete garbage as I know for a fact Leyasu is from the UK and I have an IP address from the US. Let us also notice that To/Die/For, a band I actually like, is far too upbeat to be at all related to doom metal.

Anyways, a bit about me, I am an electrical engineer. I specialize in communications, applied electromagnetics and space physics. I play guitar and keyboard. I also make electronic music and write fantasy in my spare time. Music I like includes Prog/Classic Rock, Metal, DOOM METAL, Power Metal, SOME Gothic Metal, and some Death/Black Metal. I also like Gothic Rock and Death Rock, as well as darkwave and neo-classical. I'll even listen to underground hip hop. I'm relatively new here, but I hope to be able to contribute in the two fields of interest I have: engineering and music.