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Pages I stalk

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A random assortment of pages that I like to keep an eye on.

Acute myelogenous leukemia
Alex Rider and related pages
Other assorted pages relating to medicine or computer games
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People I stalk Friends

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These are not in any particular order; if you are last it does not mean that I like you the least :P I'm just not like that. If you think that I have forgotten you, it is probably because I forgot - indeed, I did this late at night - so add yourself, and don't be afraid if you exaggerate your description; I won't mind the slightest. Much Wikilove to you all!

Nathan – now indef blocked due to an extremely stupid incident. Has requested to be unblocked and even the blocking admin (has relinquished his powers) has requested for him to be unblocked, but Jimbo is being strange.
ILovePlankton – rarely online these days due to the same silly incident, a great and very supportive friend. Has started a petition on his userpage to get Nathan unblocked, but sadly, it does not look like that is going to happen.
Kyoko – emotionally sensitive, supportive, caring, I could go on and on about how she is a great person.
Natalya – very supportive during times of need; an overall great user and person.
Editor at Large – we've both been having a lot of personal problems lately, so she can relate to me. Like Kyoko, one of the best examples of kindness and friendship on Wikipedia.
Springeragh – a good friend who understands how I feel about most aspects of Wikipedia, and like me, shares a fair amount of (no personal attacks intended) ill feelings towards Cyde.
Will – the blocking admin of Nathan (sorry if this causes offense). Is a friend, and I respect him. Even though his decision was not the best, he did what he thought was the right thing, so I do not have anything against him. What you think is right is always right, even if it turns out to be wrong.
Riana – a recently made friend; very nice and supportive (yes, I know I say this for everyone, but it's all true!!). Rarely seen unhappy; I should take a lesson or two from this (though people in real life do say that I laugh too much).
AndonicO – added himself; don't be so paranoid! Well, he wanted me to add him for him, so here I go. Like me, he loves real-time strategy games. Also like me, he's obsessed with pi (!!), which most people find somewhat disturbing but is normal if you know me :P Anyways, supportive, nice, friendly, and easy to get along with. Do you see a pattern in my friends list yet?
Randfan – oh my gosh, I completely forgot! No hard feelings? ;) Randfan's really nice and sensitive, and like me (the real world me), really silly (no offense here). However, easy to talk to, and likes flashing stuff (like me). Thinks I'm a professional poet, which I find rather strange, but your opinion is always valued, especially when it's a compliment :D
CJ King – a really cool user and friend who is very sympathetic to Fredil's issues.
Seadog — well Fredil is a good guy who I can relate to in many aspects. I enjoy reading your poetry also :D
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Useful Links

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For non-admins. Having admin links would be pointless because I'm not an admin and because admins probably know all their links anyways.

A good place to get help
Administrators' noticeboard, non-admins can post there and admins will resolve the issues
Deletion policy
The five pillars of Wikipedia
Criteria for speedy deletion – don't make a page with any of these criteria
Random pages!
... and many more which I'm too lazy to list right now.
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|- |Don't be a dick
Blocking and banning policy
Neutral point of view policy
Ignore all rules. Somewhat ridiculous but some people find it useful.
What Wikipedia is not
More can be found here.

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Vandalism Pit

|- |Feeling frustrated? Hate the world? Or do you just have a bottle of rage that you want to smash? Feel free to say anything you like here.