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These are a list of questions that I would like to try to have answered for a TOP SECRET PROJECT. In general, all of them assume complete reworking of the fundamental systems that they rely on, so any reference or resemblance to modern solutions should not be considered.



Ideally, for a self-powered all(developed)-terrain transportation device set on track(s):

a) should there be 1 or 2 tracks?
b) what should the track be made from?
c) what guage should the track be, and if there's 2 what distance apart should they be?


Ideally, if collisions weren't an issue, what would be a reasonable maximum speed for a personal transportation device if it was:

a) ground based?
b) air based?

... for a public transportation device if it was:

a) ground based?
b) air based?


Ideally, what material would be strongest for skeletal structures given a requirement for easily procurable materials (to be used in huge quantities)?


Ideally, can humans live comfortably for long periods of time under well simulated light conditions?

Ideally, if only as a way to regulate a minimum amount of exercise, how much should a human walk each day to keep the body reasonably active?

Generally speaking, is it psychologically desirable for humans to form cultural ghettos, and is it required for a considerable number of people for social health?