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Gaius Stern is a lecturer in Classical Civilizations (History, Art History, Mythology, and Literature) at UC Berkeley and UC Berkeley Extension. Gaius Stern is currently a professor at the University of St Thomas. A native of Bethesda, MD, he was the captain of the Walt Whitman HS It's Academic team and the Latin (Certamen) team 1985-87. His teams won many contests including the Washington Classical Society Certamen (1985), the Mary Washington College Certamen (1987), Univ of MD competition (Spring 1987), and others. His team came in second place at the 1987 It's Academic TV show (WRC channel 4) and second place in the infamous Chip Beale's Questions Unlimited show in 1987. This almost mirrors his older brother's accomplishment as a team member in 1983: second place on It's Academic and first place on Chip Beale's infamous show. He created the Walt Whitman Certamen with the late Mary Isabelle Reiff in 1987, the Univ. of MD Certamen in 1990, the CAL Certamen in 1995, and the Bear Cub Classic in 1996. In college, Gaius won first place in the Emory Junior Bird 1989. His college team at U-MD (with Ramesh K and John N) won many tournaments. In Spring 1991 the U-MD team came in third place at the first ACF Nationals (held at Univ of Tenn, Knoxville). In graduate school he helped create the CA quizbowl circuit (1993-) that is still active today. Gaius brought ACF into CA and did yeoman work to help bring in NAQT. He opposed Collegebowl, whose quality he felt was too unreliable. Gaius proposed the Western Invitational Tournament and ran WIT 3-5 and 8. He also founded the CA Bear Cub Classic, a high school tournament. After Gaius stopped directing CaBCC, the tournament ran into the ground and has been discontinued.

In 2001 Gaius founded BAAL the Bay Area Academic League. This is a quizbowl league for HS teams with an organized season. BAAL has its own calendar, website, and activities independent of UC Berkeley quizbowl. Gaius is an enthusiast of Latin and all matters Ancient Roman. He sometimes participates in the Living Latin dinners. He teaches Latin and guest lectures at local Bay Area schools.

Gaius thinks he is the only person in the USA suffering from Cystic Fibrosis, who has a Ph.D. in History, and he is sure he is the only person with CF who has a Ph.D. in Ancient History. Cystic Fibrosis is a chronic, hereditary (non-contagious) disease of the lungs and digestive system. When Gaius was born the life expectancy was 9. He is organizing a scholarship fund for people who have CF and study Latin.


  • PhD in Roman History (2006), MA (1994)
  • 2 BAs (Classics, History)
  • Specialties: Age of Augustus, the Ara Pacis, Sparta, dynastic politics, Vergil, US Presidential Elections
  • Other activities: HS Quizbowl, Wiki contributor
  • Founded Bay Area Academic League, 2001 GCS has taught at UC Berkeley, SFSU, SJSU, Mills College, and DVC.
  • Awards: Faulkner Award 1994 Mangasarian Scholarship 1995-97 M Atilius Regulus Scholar for Roman Studies 1997-98 numerous, unimpressive UC Berkeley grad student awards Gordon Carper 2004 Lifetime Achievement Award Ancient History Association Mini Grant 2010