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My name is Gallador.

I am interested in human history, literature and culture. As wikipedia has a significantly less than proportional representation of articles on so called Third World topics, this has been and will continue to be my main focus here. Over the past several months most of my edits have been on African topics. Science suggests that Africa is the mother continent of all humans. Many people outside of Africa, especially in the dominant West, seem not very informed about this cradle of the human species. Whatever little I can add to the collective challenge of remedying this defect, I am happy to try to do.

Africa is not alone when it comes to the relatively hazy nature of many people's awareness of their world. I'll try to contribute, to the extent I can, according to the free time I have and what I know and find out, to articles on other so called Third World areas.

I enjoy trying to edit for correct English. I also enjoy editing, as time permits, to present significant aspects of human culture. I tend to be very much a book reader. My references have been and likely will continue to be mainly to books. What I edit may be wide ranging in subject matter. I hope it all enhances the English reader's awareness of the global extent of the human species.

Very Best Wishes,

Gallador, July 7, 2008

Assessment Comments[edit]

Wikipedia is a lot of the time BIASED. thats why i can just go to almost any article and edit in WHATEVER i want. I have been assessing unassessed WP Africa articles. Here are some general remarks about such article enhancement, if I haven't placed them specifically on a particular page of interest to you:

If this is a biographical article, it may well require referenced information presented in a neutral POV stating noteworthy accomplishments by the individual. Beyond the mere statement this is an academic, a politician, a thinker, a writer, an actor, etc. and this person served in the stated positions during the stated years, what did this person achieve? If a writer and thinker, what thoughts were published? What are the titles of these publications? What do referenced sources say about their content? If a political figure holding office, what do such sources say was done during this time in office? If an actor, what do sources say about performance?

If this is a geographical article, beyond the information this is a village, town, city, or whatever, what do references mention as to its claims to fame? What do they say as to its prominent features? Which eminent individuals come from this village, etc. ?

I think this provides a glimpse into my outlook on improving articles. Feel free to use my talk page and ask me there to clarify anything that seems unclear.

Gallador, July 30, 2008