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Flag of North Korea.svg This user is concerned about Human Rights in North Korea.

Quoting Vaclav Havel, late poet and former president of the Czech Republic: [1] “It has been 60 years since the world first heard of Rudolf Vrba and Alfred Wetzler's successful escape from Auschwitz, an escape that brought to light accounts of Hitler's extermination camps. Their testimony forced representatives of the democratic world to face truths that many did not want to believe, even after the war. […] Today the testimony of thousands of North Korean refugees who have survived the miserable journey through Communist China to free South Korea tells of the criminal nature of the North Korean dictatorship. Accounts of repression are supported and verified by modern satellite images, and they clearly illustrate that North Korea has a functioning system of concentration camps. The kwan-li-so, or "political penal labor colony," holds as many as 200,000 prisoners who are barely surviving day to day, or are dying in the same conditions as the millions of prisoners in the Soviet gulag system did. […]”

Amnesty International demands the closure of Yodok camp, Kaechon camp, Bukchang camp and other prison camps, where 200,000 political prisoners and their families exist in “the most inhuman conditions imaginable”.[2]