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This page documents copyright permissions granted by the Wikipedia editor Gavia immer, as of June 15, 2009. If you received a copy of any covered materials prior to June 15, 2009, you may have additional rights under previous grants of permission. As of June 15, 2009, only the permissions granted here are available.

As with all contributions to Wikipedia, my contributions were made subject to the license of Wikipedia, as described at In addition, I have chosen to make certain of my contributions available under additional licensing terms, as described at In the case where any of the covered contributions are available under more than one grant of license, you may choose to use the covered material under any one of the licenses; to use them under the terms of all of the applicable licenses, in which case you may use the covered material for any purpose permitted by any one of the licenses; or to use the material under those of the applicable licenses that you choose to accept, in which case you may use the material only as permitted in those licenses that you accepted. These terms apply only to my own contributions, not to any other user's contributions; if you do not understand how to apply them to collaborative works, please first read and be careful to only use the covered material if you understand it.

General licenses

I agree to license my contributions under the current license of Wikipedia, whatever that may be. Further, should the license of Wikipedia change, I agree to license my contributions under both the license in force when those contributions were made, and all successive licenses. In addition:

Certain material placed in the public domain

In addition to the above, certain contributions by this user are subject to more liberal conditions, as described below. This applies only to contributions meeting at least one of the following criteria:

  • Any edit which restores a previous version of a page in its entirety, without adding any additional content ("reverts")
  • Any edit which only removes content from a page, without adding any content
  • Any edit consisting solely of changing the name or location of a single page
  • Any edit consisting solely of a request for another editor to make an edit in my stead
  • Any edit to an image description page accompanying uploaded images and media, as described at This does not apply to contributed images and media themselves, but only to description pages accompanying them.
  • Any edit with an edit summary stating that it is in the public domain

For any edit which qualifies for at least one of the above conditions, the following applies:

Other licensing available

In addition to the above, this user is willing to grant additional non-exclusive permission to use their contributions under different terms, on a case by case basis. Such permission is granted only by explicit additional notice in writing, not by any part of this notice. Any interested party should contact the user through email or other contact methods directly.