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Geodoc is geologist in the United States. He wrote his dissertation on an Alpine peridotite massif in the Alps of northern Italy, and has subsequently worked extensively on ophiolites, ultramafic xenoliths, lunar igneous rocks, plume-related basalt volcanism, and arc volcanic rocks in the southern Appalachians and Pakistan. A few forays into metamorphic petrology of high-pressure rocks and earth processes during the Archean.

Geodoc has worked or studied rocks in Europe (Italy, Switzerland, France, Cyprus, Ossetia, Russia, Armenia), Central Asia (Pakistan, Oman), South Africa, Australia, and New Zealand. He has also climbed technical routes in the United States, Canada, Europe (Alps).

His preferred music includes blues, vintage acid rock, and southern alternative rock. He has a weakness for Carolina style Bar-B-Que (better than sex, almost) and hoppy beer.

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