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Strange World(Computer network)[edit]

The Ayasii world (あやしいわーるど, ayasī wārudo)(1995- ) is a net community.Made by Shiba.Born as a JAPAN.

There is the truth that we cannot tell. I recommend you to see the reality. (私たちが語りきれない真実がある。私は貴方にリアルを見ることをお勧めする。)

Require to The Japanese skill (日本語の技術).

Voices to Anonymous man[edit]

It came from your somewhere? There was something there? Why it came here? How long your it is here? Staying here, how it does? For you the Strange what? You have gone to bed how long your? If it becomes your sometime, it starts walking? You have dreamed how long your? As for your world whether it is beautiful? In your heart as for light whether it is? In your heart as for insecurity whether it is? As for the courage which starts walking in your heart whether it is? Staying your here, you discovered what? Whether it can designate your that from as this sustenance? Whether you it ran until now? Whether you it did not hurry too much? Before you become tired and are high? Therefore whether you have gone to bed? Whether you it does not start walking gradually? Whether your Slowly it does not start walking? Whether you or and running? Choose your by your. It does not keep living you do not obtain even with your that. And you go to somewhere? Keep deciding your by your

おまえどこから来たよ? そこに何があったよ? どうしてここに来たよ? お前いつまでここにいるよ? ここに居てどうするよ? お前にとってぁゃιぃとはなによ? お前いつまで休んでいるよ? お前いつになれば歩き出すよ? お前いつまで夢見ているよ? お前の世界は美しいかよ? お前の心に光はあるかよ? お前の心に不安はあるかよ? お前の心に歩き出す勇気はあるかよ? お前ここに居て何を見出したよ? お前それをこれからの糧にできるかよ? お前今まで走って来たかよ? お前急ぎすぎていなかったかよ? お前疲れたかよ? だから休んでいるかよ? お前そろそろ歩き出さないかよ? お前ゆっくり歩き出さないかよ? お前それともまた走るのかよ? お前自分で選べよ。お前それでも生きていかざるを得ないよ。そしてお前はどこへ行くよ? お前自分で決めていけよ

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