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Adventure travel Hello, I'm Tony Jones. a.k.a Captain Tony, Publisher/Editor What is an adventure? Surely the answer must depend on each individual's character, lifestyle, fitness level, and desire to seek stimulation for her/his mind and/or body.

For some individuals, the level of sheer exhilaration needed can be no less than that felt while bungee jumping, sky diving, or climbing an ice-wall.

For most others, we seek not so much the need for physical challenge as change from our everyday lifestyle. Perhaps a weekend of hiking or cycling through a national park, canoeing round a sheltered bay, or trail-riding through a little known valley in Fiji.

Less stressful on the body, but equally exciting food for the mind is the pleasure many receive when searching out that rare species of bird in a remote Taiwanese river gorge, photographing a near extinct panda in China, or completing a long dreamed of cooking course in Provence.

Share your dream adventure with us, real or still to be realized.

Globaltraveler10 02:02, 20 March 2006 (UTC)