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Catholic.gif This user is a Roman Catholic.

In my past, I vandalized a few things with my friends (such as I wrote on Pope Benedicts XVI's article that I was his successor). Since then, I've taken a serious view of wikipedia, and now I edit with good faith. I focus on religious articles, since I have a very high degree of knowledge on the topic (I don't have a doctorate yet, I'm currently working on becoming a Dominican friar first), in particular, I have a deep understanding of the Trinity and Christian heresies.

My edits are primarily re-arranging things already in wikipedia articles, to make the article more coherent. I also delete a lot of repeated sentences (such as the 'Trinity' article repeated John 10:30 three times, I deleted two references). Ocassionally I will add an opposing view sentence.

Ummm ya, I'm sorry for my stupidity in the past. Please forgive me.