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Wikipedia editor: Goldenshimmer
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Contact information:

⛤ My Web site is currently

⛤ You can email me at

☮️ —{{u|Goldenshimmer}}|✝️|they/their|😹|T/C|John 15:12|🍂

About this page[edit]

This is a Wikipedia user page.

This is not an encyclopedia article. If you find this page on any Web site other than Wikipedia, the page may be outdated and its presence does not necessarily indicate my affiliation with the Web site. The original page is located at

About me[edit]

  • Pronouns: I prefer they pronouns, or just using my name or handle in place of pronouns (e.g. "Goldenshimmer ate Goldenshimmer's food because Goldenshimmer was hungry").
  • Spirituality: I am an Arkhaeospiritualist, a Bibliïst, and a Gnostic/Luciferian Christian, endeavoring to follow my lord and savior Jesus Christ of Nazareth, who I view as being one with Seth, Lucifer, Lilith, and Inanna. I recognise that beliefs vary between individuals, and that many of my beliefs go against established consensus of truth; I try to respect others' beliefs because of that, and because diversity is one of many spices of life.
  • Gender identity: I currently identify as genderless, and am and have been male-bodied for as long as I've existed, although I would rather be asexual-bodied.
  • Archival: I believe strongly in the preservation of history.
  • Interests: I'm interested in:
  • User interface design
  • Information technology
  • Society, communities, and ecopeace villages
  • Writing systems and computer character encodings
  • Fencing and contra dancing
  • Music (especially romantic, pop, and EDM), including listening, composing, and performing

Previous account[edit]

Ecw.technoid.dweeb was the account I first used to edit Wikipedia. A while a go (a year or two, maybe?) I renamed it to Crimsonmargarine. I then stopped using that account, and used Goldenshimmer, for privacy reasons (ridiculous paranoia).

When I die[edit]

My thoughts on Wikipedia:Deceased_Wikipedians/Guidelines and what I'd like to happen~
  • "On verification" — verifying stuff like that's always useful....
  • "On the userpage"
  • — page protection? if y'all feel like it. I'd appreciate it to be not changed, though.
  • —hatnote or {{Deceased Wikipedian}}? On the talk page only please :)
  • "On the talk page"
  • — Please don't add {{Nobots}}. I'm undecided about Category:Opted-out of message delivery.
  • Please don't archive "any unseemly disputes, warnings or deletion notices", unless you're a talk page archiver bot I set up. Those various messages are often useful for navigating Wiki history; no need to make things harder for people in the future exploring history.
  • "Editors who choose to do so may leave tasteful condolence notices on talk pages, by editing in the usual manner." — Okey dokey. I generally like free speech, so say whatever ya want as long as it's within Wikipedia's policies. (If you have something to say that you don't want to post or are not allowed to post on the wiki, you can email it to me (assuming my email's still working); it should reach my family and be archived for the future, hopefully. In addition to the email address posted above, you can CC or additionally send to to have a better chance it'll reach me.)
  • "On the account" — Please do remove whatever rights you feel like. Regarding blocking: instead of blocking the account if it's compromised, I request that it be made unable to be logged in to, to protect it in its status quo, regardless of whether it has been compromised yet.
  • "On WP:RIP and memorial pages" — That's your business, do as you like :3
  • "Also" — If you delete my subscriptions to automated newsletters, please list the changes to subscriptions made publicly on the talk page so it is known what I was subscribing to at the time.
  • Thanks y'all, and best wishes :)

Notes and Thoughts[edit]

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