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I have worked on Web encyclopedias since 1992 when I contributed to the Virtual Libary then being developed by Arthur Secret.

At the time my research interests were mainly focused on Web collaboration systems such as WIT. As I began to build the systems I realized that I would need a security infrastructure which is what I have worked on for the past 10 years.

Now I am starting to look at RSS and Wikipedia as examples of state of the art Web collaboration systems. My belief is that somewhere between Wikipedia and the Virtual library there is a system that can function for authoritative academic work.

Stories I have written[edit]

  • Abramoff-Reed Indian Gambling Scandal I merged information from separate articles in many parts of Wiki bringing them together in this article.
  • Jack Abramoff I made extensive edits to this previously confused story which was linked to a news item on the front page. In particular I rewrote most of the SunCruz section.

Stories I am editing[edit]

  • Able Danger is likely to become an important story but as yet there is not enough material

Categories I created[edit]

Categories I am thinking of creating[edit]


I would just caution that just because readers do not comment on Talk items, that does not mean they are not read, are not useful. It also sorta says the time and effort folks put into Talk is wasted. Actually, the historical Talk gives the sites development and the discusssions behind how text is discussed. You might consider editing that commment. Simply redirect readers to the content. And wait out the movers and shakers reaction.

Wiki Development[edit]