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I call myself Granitic for the simple reason that the word came into my head at the material time. I have used and appreciated Wikipedia for a number of years, since about 2006, have made a few modest financial donations too, but only started to contribute material in 2015. I have drafted 3 articles so far: Yana (singer); The Astor Club; Rainer Schlosser. I have tried to help improve numerous other articles, mostly acceptably, though a couple of (in my opinion, politically-tendentious) editors removed some other material I posted on some articles and, for good measure, threatened me with barring etc for having actually improved those articles considerably. Granitic (talk) 02:36, 7 May 2016 (UTC)

More recently (2017), I found a pretty poor article on Teresa Hayter, an "activist" whose autobiography I once owned. The article did not even have her date of birth! I improved it hugely, added citations and links, only for "someone" to come along and cut out anything which might be thought critical of the subject. 90% of my additions were removed. I wonder who did that?