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In fair disclosure, this username is embodied by Kevin Matthews (architecture), editor of ArchitectureWeek, GreatBuildings, PetitionOnline, and the wikis Archiplanet and EugeneNeighbors. Both within Wikipedia and without, I'm committed and inspired to help maximize open access to shared creation of accurate information and clear ideas.

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For a little more background, these are some of the main publications I work on outside Wikipedia. Each of these is co-created by a great team and together with their respective and interwoven communities.

  • Archiplanet is a relatively large and well-visited specialty wiki (according to MediaWiki reporting), open to all buildings everywhere, using MediaWiki and SemanticWiki software.
  • EugeneNeighbors is a small, nascent project exploring what a community wiki can do for local groups and participatory journalism in one region of Oregon.
  • PetitionOnline is a wide-open free forum for underdog grassroots democracy, providing online petitioning since 1999.
  • ArchitectureWeek is a serious, professionally-written and photographed architecture magazine, published online only, with some 400,000 monthly visitors.
  • GreatBuildings is a traditional top-down style encyclopedia of architecture, representing a canon of about 1000 selected buildings, published online and updated regularly with user contributions, referenced by or linked to from many WIkipedia articles (about 180 according to a search on June 14, 2009).