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Hello, I am a casual Wikipedian. I've been excited about Wikipedia since 2003 at least, originally spending many entire days perusing it, and I still spend a half hour a day reading. Despite that, I've done relatively few edits and no new articles yet. At work, I'm a software developer working with our own installation of MediaWiki. My claim to fame on the Internet is dc.sed.



User scripts I've contributed to the project:

Coordinates style[edit]

  • The minutes and seconds should be padded to two digits. (Easier for the eye to parse; like HH:MM:SS times are normally written)
  • The degrees should not be padded with leading zeros.
  • Use no more precision than necessary. 6 decimals is rarely appropriate.
  • Use the same precision for both the longitude and the latitude.
  • Avoid using coordinates in the lead section. They are a detail not appropriate for a summary and they disturb the prosaic flow that is particularly important for the introduction.


  • My policy towards uncivility or trolling will be to ignore the comment, or in some cases the portion that was rude or unconstructive. If you feel this has happened and wish for a response, just ask again politely and I should respond.