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History of handle usage[edit]

Greypele User page contains basic information relating to the Username "Greypele."

Greypele was created as a handle/e-mail address in 1996.

GP is occasionally used in place of Greypele.

The use of Greypele commonly used in, but not exclusively, personal and community blogs, webgroups, and forums.

About me[edit]

I am an academic librarian.

Things I'm working on[edit]

Chi Women in STEM Wikipedia-edit-a-thon wrapped up at the end of March and I will be facilitating it as an annual event!

Conflict of Interest[edit]

I am a librarian at Illinois Institute of Technology and although I do not work in the Marketing and Communications department I do work with them occasionally. I will be participating in a Women in STEM Wikipedia Edit-a-thon on March 26, 2019, and may edit articles about women from IIT.