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Origins ==== ROFL Attack[edit]

This Flash game started the next age of the Roflcopter saga by encouraging the development of other ASCII art animations based on popular Internet slang. In this game (based on the Choplifter genre), one is an Elite ROFLER, manning the ROFLCOPTER, using WASD to maneuver it and the mouse to fire an unlimited supply of bullets shot from the ROFLING gun inside the Roflcopter at the enemy LOLLERskaters (ground units) and LMAOplanes (air units). In addition to the ROFLING gun, one can also deploy a limited number of OMGmissiles, which travel horizontally and can hit LMAOplanes, and WTFbombs, which are dropped onto the LOLLERskaters. The Roflcopter can also wield a BBLshield with limited charge that will prevent damage from any attacks or enemy units that hit it. The game ends when the health meter runs out, after which you are presented with a screen of statistics.The game was developed by TheCrunge, which also maintains a high score list for registered users of its site. The game is modeled after the game Heli Attack 2, playable on External links to this game ==== Roflcopters Game == This newer game, based on the popular meme goes by the title "Roflcopters" and is originally placed on the homepage, although may be found on other websites. The game involves flying the roflcopter through the "Cave of Cascaded Consoles" by using WASD. If you hit the cave walls, you die and have to start again. The aim is to get as far as you can. You can submit your high score to their scores page and view the other high scores.The roflcopter makes the famous SOI SOI SOI sound when you fly it, but it may be glitchy on some browsers; in which case it is best to disable the audio by pressing O.Roflcopters is actually a HTML5 game, rather than Flash. This means no plugins are required. However, it does require the user to use a HTML5 compatible browser. It is said that this type of game is best played on Firefox 4 or Google Chrome. == ROFLCopter as a Text-to-speech glitch ==Microsoft Sam, the Text-to-Speech Voice that is built-in to the Windows 2000-Windows XP operating systems have a glitch: when you write "soi" or "soy", it says something like "Swaaagh". ROFLcopter sounds are made when you type in "soi soi soi"... and when you play it fast, you will find that this sounds like a Helicopter. Many people have recorded Microsoft Sam saying "My ROFLcopter goes soi soi soi..." and uploaded it to YouTube.